Monday, July 16, 2007

Yea! A new experience in my life!

Really glad I have this chance, and really glad I stepped into this opportunity, and really glad to the committees to give me this chance to try, learn, and improve.

I got the chance to be the on-air DJ for RMMU! Actually, this is not really show-off-able, because all interviewees have been selected.

I really like what William said:


English: We 'employ' you, not because we lack of man power, we don't mind if we lose a few from you all. The reason we did this, is because we understand, you all came to interview, is because you all interested to be a DJ. And I believe, even though without talent, but hard work will say.

*p/s: is my translation good?

Thanks again for the chance, thank you.

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蓝玫瑰Emily said...



next time famous already don't forget to continue blogging ;p

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