Friday, July 13, 2007

My first time to broadcast my voice to the world, LIVE!

Yesterday, 12 July 2007, Thursday, Malaysia Time 7:10pm, I broadcast my voice to the world for the first time in my life.

Haha, this is the benefit of study in Multimedia University Cyberjaya, hoho! Actually the on air event is manage by DJ Club, a club that manage the Internet radio broadcasting of MMU channel, RMMU. Yesterday was the interview session for RMMU to 'hire' new DJ, so I give a try in the interview.

I was so excited!
My title was 佣人之道(The way to be a maid), such a sucks title. I stored all my notes in my SEk600i, in point form, yea, and start with introduce my self. Luckily my friend recorded the interview session form me, those who want to hear it, e-mail me la, hehe.DSC00017


After the DJ on air session, we took a group photo with my friends and the senior DJ, 张栋梁, hehe.

This is my first time on air, and may be my last time too. No matter how is the result of that interview, I really appreciate it, thank you.

*I think I really need a hair cut...(or trim)

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Che-Cheh said...

So any girls fall for your voice? :P
I think your hair still ok...short wat.

Bengbeng said...

Buy a cane to keep the girls can u handle so many girls at one time?

btw to answer yr queston, the ad s from ppp

yung . said...

WHERE WHERE got Zhang Dong Liang? bruff me lor...

Btw, I've tagged you :D

vhanded said...

che-cheh: My voice? So sexy...

beng beng: walao, I am not that serious yet.

yung: See? the DJ who wear pink shirt la! Just a joke la! Will write your post ASAP!!~~

Kleio the Muse said...

Hey Congrats. New exciting adventure to add to the pages of your life. Awesome.

You look cute in that hairstyle. If you really looking into changing it, perhaps I would suggest some gel/wax for that "I-got-a-shock!" look. LOL

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