Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When Software Engineering Students get bored...

In year 2007 B.C., there was a rich and powerful country, named Breadboard. The country is famous of it's sugar cane plant, which covered the whole land.


After the king passed away, the country became unstable. Prince, princess, queen, and the king's relatives were grabbing the king's left over, and the country was suffering.

In this chaos time, General Cockroach, the leader and fighter of the king, had made a decision, and rebellion formed to take over the throne, so the suffer will end soon.


After discussion with his army, Cockroach Army was formed, and ready to bring peace to Breadboard again. The army was equipped with armors and weapons, with a drummer at the back.




By adapting the strongest triangle attack formation, they march into the castle, with General Cockroach as the flag barrier, leading the whole army into the castle.



After a few hours of fierce battle, the chaos starters were dead, and the rest surrendered. General Cockroach bring peace to Breadboard, and his name will be remembered forever.

**because we ended our lab task early, and we "full use" the time to create this "exciting" story, hehe.

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Jason said...


Che-Cheh said...

Hahaha like that also can.

My free time in college were spent chatting with friends.

Wuching said...

hail the victorious general cockroach!

Kleio the Muse said...

Oh man, this one's hillarious. So cute. Very creative of you. LOL.

Btw, I have TAGGED you. Hope you don't mind. I really hope to know you better. No obligation on the tag ok.

Bengbeng said...

cant make head or tail of this post..too hip and too young hahahahaah

Keropok Man said...

may Xiao Chiangs of the world rule! haha...

yung . said...

lolz you guys are realli "eat full nothing to do" lor. haha

vhanded said...

jason: hahahahahahahahaha!!

che-cheh: chatting will also do, but chatting in lab... not that good la.

wuching: ha! General Cockroach bring peace.(but actually i vary hate cockroach!!)

kleio the muse: thank you, may have next episode, by the same actor.
Btw, I had completed your tag.

bengbeng: har? what head and tail? what hip and young?

Keropok man: may xiao chiang rule only the imaginary world, not the real world.

yung: haha, why we completed out lab task so early?

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