Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Chips Wars Episode II: The Attack of the Cockroachbot

The rebellion was over.

The throne was taken.

The Breadboard is peace.

However, a hidden threat is still wondering the Cockroach King. He was the General before the war, and for the peace and people of Breadboard, he carried up this heavy burden.

The threat is still there. It may be not from inside, but the threat from outside is still strong. The Kingdom of Decepticon is still targeting this strong sugar cane exporter, and always show their evil jaws to take over this land, but it's all under the shield of the King.

One night, the King dreamed of a massive invasion from Decepticon, and he almost lost in the battle. However, a hero appeared, and save the land. The King got an idea. He ordered his engineers to create a super weapon, to prevent the horror dream from becoming true.


Under the guidance of Eight Leg Freak, the senior engineers, the super weapon was successfully created, and named Cockroachbot. The machine was built in a special chamber, where no termites can access. 


The historical day had arrive. A day where machine will fight for the people. No more sacrifice in war. It's the day of activating the weapon--Cockroachbot.

The light of Cockroachbot lighted up. The arms was moving. The people shouted: "No more death in war! No more death in war!" The King feel so relief, the day of peace almost arrive!


However, something went wrong. The machine started to move--without any command or control! Engineers rushed towards to shut it off, but Cockroachbot defense itself by kicked all the engineers away! The peoples are scared.


King Cockroach quickly called his army to take it down, but useless. The machine is invulnerable, it was built with the hardest wood in the country, and normal dried-sugar-cane-sword and arrow is not enough to take it down. The monster with the build in flying ability fly over the upper sky, and destroying the city.


The city that was just rebuilt was again ruined. Bodies everywhere, the country is facing big enemy ever, not from other forces, it's from themselves. The King was so sad, and the scene is just like what he seen in his dream...but, where is the hero?

To Be continued.....


For those who never read the first episode, you may feel a little bit lost.

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Erictan7 said...

Oh my god... a lil bit of transformers, lil bit of shrek... u keat!! haha..

yung . said...


you linked up the cockroaches!!

omgomg you are brilliant!!!!


Jasonmumbles said...

Engineers nowadays... *shakes head*

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