Sunday, February 17, 2008

YCS Affair

Since this is my first post about YCS, I will introduce it.

What is YCS?
YCS stand for Yam Cha Society, a strong but unofficial MMU Club which main activities are yam cha around Klang Valley area, example Old Town, mamak, Sri Kembangan, Shah Alam etc.

This Club has members of 70++ and increasing, with a committee board. Some property of this club included about 10 vehicles.

Every Thursday(except semester break and very special occasion like Valentine's Day and approaching exams) will be our Yam Cha day.

This Friday is our YCS Reunion Dinner, and for the first time, we went to a better restaurant and have something special, instead of teh tarik and limau ice.

The Restaurant is Hak Kah Village, at Sri Kembangan, and total of 12 active members attended. Actually we enough to book the whole restaurant, due to a workshop that having at the same time, which mostly participated by YCS members, so most can't attend.



Lou Sang. Hope YCS always together!

On that day 15th Feb 2007, around 2110, we discovered a new species, which have the head of chicken, and tail of fish. This has a greatly contributed to the biology science and food technology(for joke purpose).


Total of 8 dishes were served that night, and much appreciate, Hao Ming served tea for all of us throughout the dinner~

That green shirt guy on the right.

DSC00907  Cleaning my mouth~ Nice dinner~

** Everything about YCS is not that formal, it's just our extra imagination la~

Today's quote:
I am YCS member.

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