Friday, February 22, 2008

CNYE Lantern Night: I love the feeling of Success Together~

Yesterday was Chap Goh Meh, or 15th Days, and also the last day of Chinese New Year. The most important, I feel so relief after hard so much hard work.

Chinese New Year Extravaganza Lantern Night
Yesterday night, CLS(Chinese Language Society) held an unforgettable Lantern Night in MMU Incubator car park, and I am very happy to see the crowd.

I am a member in Promotion and Publicity team, and this team play a very important roles to make everyone knows about our events. What we did beside distribute flyers in campus, we also introduce the event door by door in hostel, house by house in all Cyberia block C, explain one by one, selling tickets and coupons hand by hand.

It's really a hard time, especially every night from 8pm to 12am, which make me exhausted everyday. I can feel how stressful is my director, Nana and Xuan Hao.

Lantern Night: It's worth.
On the event day, when seeing crowd joining us, buying coupons, having fun guessing lantern riddles, taking photos, enjoy performances, I know what we did is not wasted.

Pictures said everything.

Distribute flyers on wheels.

Vietnam Lantern.

Chinese Surname collection.

Traditional Chinese Biscuit, I bought 2!!

That is my surname, Hu~

My Ah Tao(director), Nana!



Wishing pond, not for mandarin orange la...

Majiji(middle), my foreign friend~

DSC01043 Indian friend who join our event in writing wishes on lotus lantern.

Something worth to remember for this Lantern Night:

  • wearing skates in the campus almost every time during promoting our events.
  • promoting events door by door, person by person: Hi, sorry for disturbing, I am from MMU, Chinese Language Society, currently I am promoting our event call Lantern Night, on this Thursday night at Incubator car park, we got games, foods, drinks bla bla bla........ I repeat this at least 200 times, person by person.
  • Skipped few classes to hang around the booth, fun.
  • Know a lot of friends.
  • She said "Hi" to me for the first time in the Lantern Night! Oh no!

Something to the committees:
Last year during the organising committees(OC) recruitment, I was in there, but disqualify in final round; now I was thinking: if I success got the position, can I stand for this long? Can I handle the pressure? Can I make the event success? A lot of "Can I?". CNYE director Xuan Hao, I can see the pressure he bearing, and also other OCs. The planning was about 4 months long, and to cope with academic pressures like exam and class attendance. For all the small group meeting and workshop, I try to be there, try to test my endurance and ability to handle both events and academic result, and I know it's very difficult, really, one of it will sacrifice if imbalance effort distributed.

I really learn a lot in this event, thanks, although I am ranked with VIP(Very Irritating Person, to disturb people house by house.)

Here I introduce the Last event of CNYE: Mysterious Banquet
Date: 28th Feb 2007, Thursday
Time: 6pm~10pm
Venue: Grand Hall(first dinner in grand hall in MMU history!)

Price: RM35 per person for CLS Member, RM40 per person for non CLS member.

* if book the whole table, RM20 will be discounted and 10x vouchers of Pavilion Restaurant and Sunway Lagoon coupon will be given.

That night will base on the theme of Chinese's Myths and Legends, and will have 8 delicious Chinese foods on serve.

Today's Quote:
balance is the key to success.

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