Friday, February 29, 2008

Last CNYE Event was over: worth to exchange it with my time.

Last night, 28th Feb 2007, the Last Chinese New Year Extravaganza(CNYE) series event, Mysterious Banquet, was ended nicely.

This Mysterious Banquet is the 3rd event of CNYE, followed by 2nd event, Lantern Night, and the 1st event, Food Race. This Banquet is the first dinner in Grand Hall, MMU, which usually only used for exam and Convocation purpose.

Again, pictures talk:

Welcome to Mysterious Banquet!

The Entrance to Mysterious Banquet.

Bunch of CNYE Organizing Committees.

Cute Mouse Design by Siou Kee~

Wishing trees, Don't tell you what I wrote~

Lantern in Grand Hall.

Me standing with Wishing tree~

Majiji!! We gonna Miss you! (He said he is moving to UNITEN)

Lion Dance in open ceremony.

Now you see~(time 8:06pm)

Now you don't~(time 8:12pm)

Publicity Group! V for VHanded!

Again, now you see~(time 8:34pm)

Now you don't~(time 8:39pm)

It's actually only for YCS, but seems like a lot of "new members"

4 mouse by Siou Kee~
(from left: Bobby, Wong Kok, Siou Kee, VHanded)


From a view of a Working Comm...
As I mentioned in earlier post, I am a working committee in Publicity and Ticketing division. As I see, all members in this team had sacrificed so many time, to selling tickets at booth, knocking door by door in Cyberia Townhouse and 2 blocks of Apartment, promoting event person to person, introducing all 3 events. I barely sleep more than 6 hours for the last 2 weeks.

But there must be a motivation for everyone to work so hard (the high committees are working even harder), for me, motivation to work hard may because the sense of belonging in this Society. Like what Robert Neville said in The Legend: "This is Ground Zero, this is my place!".

Last night the most exciting table in the hall, everyone should agree is ours(should be la!), which is the most participating group in CNYE, seeing our photos being displayed on projector slides, we shout very loud, and only us......!

Xuan Hao, you're the best! And all other directors! Nana!!

But so bad, because my DJ on air time is at 9pm, clashed with the banquet, so I had to leave and go on air. This semester my title is 天涯秘密大公开, or the Mysterious all around the World. Please support me by listening to every Thursday Night 9pm! By DJ V and Huey Lynn!


Oh no!!!!!! Oh no!!!!! oh no!!!!!! is it?? is it?? is it??!! Ar!!!!!!~~~ Who can describe my excite??!!

Today's quote:
Actually, I do believe in fate~ only when the fate is what I hope to happen...

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hcfoo said...

LOL, I thought it was a wedding dinner. You guys really have a lot of activities in uni ;)

vhanded said...

hcfoo: haha, we really enjoy that night.

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