Sunday, February 17, 2008

Food Race champion: YCS!

Yesterday was the proud day of YCS. 4 YCSian was participating in Food Race organized by Chinese Language Society at Petaling Jaya SS2, to win the grand prize RM500!

Part of the SS2 map.

Can't list out all the games, but here are some classic one:

  1. Presenting any skill in front of public to earn at least 20 cents to win the mission. We lucky enough to find a group of drunk old man who gave us RM4, thanks Sunny Ho(the old man)!
  2. Move 3 chairs from 1 point to another point, while 4 of us on the chairs, before all the water in the cup leak out from the bottom. (use air pressure to control it! easy!)
  3. we all drank at least 4 cups of water and tea and chicken rice, wantan noodle, kue teow noodle, peanuts, mandarin orange, and many more.
  4. We lucky enough to skip most of the mission by pointing to green zone after spinning the Luck Wheels.
  5. Solve the puzzle of SS2.
  6. Guess the meaning and purpose of 30 foods that always eat during Chinese New Year.

To our surprise, we won the competition of about 10 groups of participants! YCS rocks!

Wong Kok, VHanded
Bobby, Emily (guidance), Eddy

And the winning prize is RM500, YCS rocks again! Still thinking how to use the money......

Not much photos taken, as we busy solving games, ha.

Today's quote:
SS2 people is very selfish, they will just say don't know before you start asking.

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yung . said...

Waseh RM500, which means RM100 for the each of you.. Damn! So nice lar, I also want to play......

keeyit said...

wah 500RM le.. good prizes le.. yeah SS2 people mostly chinese ma.. hahaha.. I encountered before too..

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