Monday, April 14, 2008

Little Dinosaur in my Printer

While I studying for exam, suddenly, I saw a small lizard on my table.

I don't move, see what the lizard going to do. It crawled, crawled, crawled, crawled over the wires, and....

hoi! Don't even think about it! Hey!

And the lizard crawled into my printer!




See? The lizard is doing Cicak-Man show in my printer.

I turn around the printer, hitting the bottom to make it out, but it's so tough, still sticking up side down. At last, it crawled into some part where I can't see it.

Here I give you a chance, you better crawl out, and I won't hurt you. Don't die in my printer, please~~

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1 comment:

­☼≈• ­†ímí •≈☼ said...

well, i think you gonna have a dried lizard in your printer just as mine XD

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