Saturday, April 26, 2008

Apes In Space

Ha! This is not a movie title, instead just a small compilation of what pulling my attention these days.

Everyone knows First human space, Yuri Gagarin, but do everyone knows the first Animal in space?

After some Wikipedia trip, I found that first animal in space is fruit flies.

fruit flies
Fruit flies! Are you kidding!? No, it's real.

Later testing was monkeys, chimpanzees, and dogs. Great Apes (human, monkey, orang utan, gorilla) are primary choice, as they having high percentage match with human and high intelligent.

First Monkey in Space
His name is Albert, very nice name. A rhesus monkey, sacrificed during real time rocket experiment/on the sky, 11 June 1948.

So do his 6 apprentices in later attempt.

The first living being to successfully back to Earth is a rhesus monkey name Baker.
This is baker~ Cute.

Later in Mercury program, 2 most identical Chimpanzees, Ham and Enos, were sent to space. Both chimpanzees successfully back to Earth. These 2 are my favourite, why? Don't know, feel more relative connection with Chimpanzee than monkey.

Enos! The one on right side, not left side.

Ham the Chimp in his space capsule.

During the training and real time launching, both chimps were trained to do simple task like push up lever and press button when red lights on. The training was hard, if the chimps cannot do it in 5 seconds, a mild electric shock will be applied to their feet; if they do it correctly, a banana tablet will be awarded.

Info said that, during the flight of Enos, some machine failure occured , which when Enos push the right button, electric shock applied; and when did it wrongly, banana tablet given. But Enos courageously press the right button and get shock in the whole 2 days journey, and back to Earth safely. My Hero!

Those Great Apes who successfully back to Earth, living peacefully for rest of their lives. When Ham died at 29, he was buried at New Mexico Museum of Space History, while Baker buried at US Space and Rocket Center.

To those Apes Who sacrificed their life before us, you all prove that your species are much courageous than us.

One day when monkey is smart enough to have current human intelligent, will they question about their ancestors who travel space?

I doubt in 100 years time Great Apes beside human still exist? Protect our nearest family, don't buy their skins or meats.

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