Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am bad, haha.

This morning I opened up fridge, and saw 2 boxes of J.CO(or Big Apple?) donuts, with name written. OK, this post may confusing.

  1. 2 boxes of donuts are belongs to 2 of my housemates, Su and Yeoh.
  2. Su, aka STW, wrote his name on the his box, and for fun, he wrote POC(piece of crap) on Yeoh's donut box.
  3. Later, I opened up fridge, and my hand also itchy, so I wrote 'sucks' after the name of STW.
  4. STW found out someone added some words to his box, so he suspected Yeoh saw the POC wording on his box, so Yeoh revenged.
  5. STW cancelled out the 'sucks' word, and told me the story.
  6. I laugh, and told him later Yeoh come back ask him, haha.

Su still don't know that is me who wrote SUCKS on his box, wait he see this post first la, haha!

Today's quote:
I'm evil, hehe.

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OtG said...

Wira...naughty ya..

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