Sunday, April 20, 2008

SNS going wrong.

So long time never join the gang for SNS, Saturday Night Skates.

Yesterday's SNS was at Kepong. Depart from Cyberjaya with Xuan Hao, Su, and Hao, heading to TTDI Skateline.

However, the god damn weather just know where we want and what time we going to skate, it will just rain at the moment! Every time!Thus SNS CANCELLED. The location is in a car park, which I assume is a close car park where rain water cannot enter, but it just like Titanic, no matter how many giant floating chamber in it, it still sank.

End up we at 1 Utama, having KFC for dinner, and walk around. Suddenly an idea of skating in Putrajaya appeared, so we went there to check out.


Xuan Hao is the first time went to Putrajaya skate, and seems like he can quite handle all drains and steps, congrates!

And at last I gain enough confident to do stair slide (is this the terms?) on big stairs!

Next time challenge Batu Caves Stairs, haha, kidding!

Funny thing we had yesterday was, 2 security guards warned us not to skate in Putrajaya.

Guard: "Sini tak boleh skate lah."

Hao: "Tak boleh ar?"

Guard: "Tak boleh, ini lantai, tak boleh." (pointing the hard pavement)

Me: "Bicycle boleh tak?" (Just to test him)

Guard: "Bicycle boleh." (lucky he said can, else how to explain so many bicycle sign along the road.)

Since we all are packing to go back, we don't argue more, but, hey! If they worry that our skates will break their pavement and lift up their tar road, so how about the motorbike they riding on the pavement? How about those vehicles with with weight more than 1500kg?

They just anti skaters, with no reason.

Secret Code
We think that the sky can listen to what we talking, if we said want to skate today, then it will rain; if we said we don't skate, then it won't rain. So next time if we want to skate, we will just use a secret sentence, "Tonight want to die ar?".


Today's Quote:

Damn you weather! Damn you!

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