Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Easy way to check hexadecimal arithmetic

Last few days I am busy for Machine Architecture Lab Test, busy busy.

What is Machine Architecture?
An art to teach you how to talk with the piece of silicon, damn!

During the study, I encounter a time wasting process, which is doing hexadecimal arithmetic operation. In human way, 5+5 = 10; in hexadecimal way, 5 + 5 = A !!!!!

So I Google for some program to do hex math, and I found Google Calculator is the most easiest to access and simplest, and the best part, fast and free!

What is Google Calculator?
Good, you using it everyday, just didn't notice. It's actually combined with Google search.

google math

See this magic.

google math 2
0x5 + 0x5 =? Press Enter.
(0x5 is actually 5h in our syllabus, means hexadecimal form.)


google math 3
  Answer is 0xA~~

It also can do other operation like subtraction, multiplication, and division. At least enough for my current syllabus.


How about conversion?
google math 4
No problem! With the syntax like HEX=?DECIMAL.


google math 6
The other way, no problem too. reverse the syntax.


google math 7
Multiple operations can be handled too.


Lab test was over, final paper is coming, hope this "exploration" can help my friends in their study. But careful, before use this tools, please make sure you know how to do manual arithmetic and conversion, there won't be any Google in exam hall to help you.

full Google Calculator instruction can see here, beside this simple maths, it also can use to convert physic quantity like speed; math function like modulus(%) and factorial(!).

Today's Quote:
Technology is scary.

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