Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday

Last year, on the same day, I wished for something. Maybe it’s too ambitious, and it never happens, but I had felt quite lucky. Never mind, so this year I will lower the target~

I wish…

Don’t tell you all.

Thanks for everyone who remember, 本当にありがとう。감사합니다. I am really touch, want cry liao.

Thanks to Yen for Ice Cream, leekian and engsoon for phone call, teressa for “international greeting”, ben1, ben2, Timi, Siou Kee, Nana, Chin Chieun, Su, for SMS, and others~

This is just too much I got on my birthday. It’s ok without birthday cake, birthday present. The only present I wish is hope someone I care will remember this day, a SMS, a call is enough to touch me cry.

Thanks again, everyone~

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sioukee said...

Waaaaa. I'm named. Listed. Weeeeee.
Happy birthdaaayyy.

Khairil said...

Hey I'm Khairil! You suck!

Che-Cheh said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Sometimes just a wish is enough ya.

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