Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hot!!! Tak Tahan lah!

Over the past month, this crazy weather had made me can’t concentrate in study. Everyday, I woke up with sweaty body, and bath for 10 times a day can’t cool me down.

Until 3am when I want to sleep, my bed is warm… Which is the kind of warm that can make people sweat. So, I decided, to sleep on floor. Not bad, I had been tried for 5 days.


I just place my pillow under the spinning fan, with a blanket as surface layer. Still hot, but better than sleep on bed.

Another reason I don’t use bed is because the sunlight at 9am in the morning will shine on my face!! It’s not like this when I moved in! This phenomenon expected will last for few more months…


The Star said, this sweltering heat due to “normal” dry spell. F*** you! Normal?! 35 degree Celsius is abnormal.

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