Saturday, May 23, 2009

Low update.

The final exam is going on now. It had been 1 week, and this was really busy.

During this time, my partners for whole day are computer and notes. This is really depressing, although there are housemates who always come to my back and smack my head, ask me c++, invite me to shoot some zombies, call me out for dinner, with them is about non-sense chatting, laughing, smacking, but it is still lack of something. Maybe I just need someone who can chat peacefully.

Yesterday was Friday, went out with the bunch of housemates for Sushi King and movies at night. Having our time in there for about 2 hours, eating, chatting, laughing, smacking.

The backdrop. This branch is at Alamanda.

Curry Rice. I love Japanese Curry, because I won’t sweat after eating it~

Wasabi challenge, take 1 big piece of wasabi and eat it, no swallow! We found out, to prevent the tearing and nose running effect of wasabi, when put into the mouth, breath. It works!


The first time I don’t see any MMU Students in GSC.

The movie we watched was Monsters VS Aliens, it’s a must watch movie, non-stop laughing since the first 10 second until the credit shown up.

HA! The big giant insect behind there is so cute!


Every morning when I open my eyes, I will see the sky. I wish I can see a sky full of clouds, means the day will be cool.

This morning was very cloudy, 9:30am, a good timing to walk around under the sky. Get on my headset, and walk to Convenient Mart for a High 5 bread and milk.

The environment is so quiet. After grab some breakfast, had it at playground there with a cat.

- “I want more bread.”

This is the familiar cat at B1 with a blue Blink Blink collar.


So, I still have 3 more papers to go, if free, please NUDGE ME to give me some support, thanks! (just 1 enough, too many is annoying!)


Today’s Quote:
Bejeweled on Facebook is like drug, better don’t start it.

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*KooRi* said...

haha ganbate for ur exam :P
the monster is cute!!!
i also wan go watch the movie XD
but is in JB haha XD

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