Monday, May 25, 2009

Never been this clumsy for years.

I studied Web Services for whole day, forcing myself to understand, and remember the steps in writing WSDL those shit, so on Monday, I can answer the paper correctly.

Now is 2:34am, I just finished study, and wanted to sleep, so, set alarm to 9am, so I can have final preparation for exam at 2:30pm.

Yen asked me: “tomorrow your paper is what time?”

me: “2:30pm, let me double check ya…”

(yes, correct, it’s 2:30pm, but…… it’s not Monday, it’s Tuesday.)



This let me feels like, Mario suddenly pick up a mushroom, and extend life.


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Snailix said...

You just scared me off until I finish reading your post.

I really thought that I got the wrong time for WS exam.. ZZZ!

VHanded Cheepeng said...

I am so noob...

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