Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to you, Doraemon~

Had been the hero for me since 9 years old.

I notice this robot cat in a school magazine, 《星星报》,and deeply believe that this creature exist in real world.

Started to read his comics, draw their cartoons, learn his super advance gadgets, etc. Do you know that I have 50++ Doraemon comic at home? haha.

His birthday is 03 September 2112, with originally yellow body and a pair of ears. In an afternoon nap, robot mice bite away his ears. He was too sad and cry, his tears washed away the yellow paint and become blue.

The big eyes, red round nose, with a giant mouth that big enough to put the whole pail into it, and also the round hand that can never win Paper-Scissor-Stone game.

Remember last time with my terrible math, I counted: If I need to survive until 2112, how old can I be that time? Is 124 years old. Told myself need to take care, eat healthy, stay healthy, to live until 2112, so innocent thinking huh?

When I facing exam, how I wish the Memory Bread exist;
when I swimming, how I wish I can dive in there for hours;
when I was bullied, how I wish I can stop time to bully them back;
when I need help, how I wish I can separate my body work together;
when people is moddy, how I wish I can read their mind to help them;
when I fall in love, how I wish the Cupid’s arrow is real (but not really want to use it~)

Most wanted gadget that I want is Time Machine, wishing I can rewrite the past, change my future~ But when grown up, start to realize that all these are fiction.

“Never regret in what you do, because there is no time machine.”


Thanks you for giving me extraordinary childhood and imagination.



Happy birthday Doraemon! ドラえもん,誕生日おめでとう~ HAHA~

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sioukee said...
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sioukee said...

My company google is japanese one. So yesterday also kind like wow.."DORAEMON!" when I was searching something xD

ドラえもん 誕生日おめでとう

VHanded Cheepeng said...

“机器猫是为了希望而发明的~” -- 多啦A梦

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