Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kind of pissed off…

Was suppressing this for quite long time.

I working from 9am till at least 6pm for 5 or 6 days a week, cracking my mind finding solution and improvements for my project. It’s very tired, but I love my job, I love to code, and see my code doing the work.

Also, as a friend, I try to help.

When some of you face problems, you come find me. OK, glad, glad you all remember me, and I trying my best to help.

But please respect my principle: I will only HELP you, not doing it for you.

I read your problem statement, giving you algorithm to solve it, use which library, which function, which architecture, and can explain and draw a lot of diagram until you understand, BUT, you do it, not me.

“HELP you” and “Help you do” are 2 different things.

I “helped you”, but seems like I did not meet your expectation, you want me to “help you do”. Fuck, please understand that I have only 24 hours a day, same like you all, with same workload too.

There are even much smarter people around you all, but why me? Because I have good temper? Because I will try my best?


(Sorry if this hurts some of you, I just hope you all can grown up, put effort on something before you asking help, don’t just come and say you don’t know how to do)

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1 comment:

sioukee said...

Chill out though. I'm sure
there's many people like that
lurking around. They won't
have a slight change even if
we're mad. I don't think they
think it's a problem. :)

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