Saturday, September 5, 2009

Places I need to leave my foot print in my life.

  1. Feel Cameron Highland breeze and pluck fresh fruit and eat directly, yum.
  2. Snookering at Pulau Pangkor.
  3. Skate in East Coast Park, Singapore.
  4. Explore Sarawak rain forest.
  5. Conquer Gunung Kinabalu (must fast, I am getting old~)
  6. Visit Bangkok city, feel their culture.
  7. Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
  8. Skate at Great Wall of China~ (hope it’s skatable)
  9. Eat seafood in Zhu Hai, China.
  10. Ride bicycle on Jeju-Do, Korea.
  11. Night life in Seoul, Korea.
  12. Take photo under Sakura flower in Jeju-Do. Sakura flower only blossom for few days in a year, very difficult to catch the timing.
  13. Taking public transport from 1 city to another city in Japan.
  14. Re-experience childhood in Japan DisneySea.
  15. Skiing in Hokkaido, Japan, and soak in hot spring after skiing, wow~
  16. Mumbai and the iconic Taj Mahal, India.
  17. Dubai, the City stacked up by money and gold.
  18. Swimming in Dead Sea, Israel. (wonder as a Malaysian can go there?)
  19. Stargazing under Giza Pyramid, Egypt.
  20. Observe wild animals at Africa.
  21. Watch football in UK (I am not fan, just want to experience the environment of live match)
  22. Posing with Statue of Liberty, US.
  23. Visit Google Headquarters in Silicon Valley~ It’s like a playground, my dream workplace.
  24. Warner Bros Movie World Theme Park at Gold Coast, Australia.
  25. Outer space. (Dreaming~~)

Woke up in the morning and suddenly got this idea in my mind. Straight away list out most, if not all, the places I dreamed for so long to visit. Guess I really need vacation, working is really stress me out…


Huh… Maybe by the time completed these, I am already 70 years old.

To total up, I need roughly RM60,000 or more, not include the last outer space travel~

Now I am 21 years old, plan start when I have my own income, first is to get a passport first. Wishing there is someone who can with me through these adventures~

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Bob said...

snorkeling in pangkor no need go. Waste time.
Sakura Japan also got. Alot tiam.
In Japan memang take Public Transport go everywhere. That way cheaper.
DisneySea grown-ups also go one. Very expensive.

VHanded Cheepeng said...

yala, you go snorkeling everyday day sure is waste time la.

Sakura in Japan was imported from Jeju-Do, support original~

See you on moon~

Joshua Chan said...

wan snorkeling go Pulau Manuket or Pulau Sipadan, Sabah. Much more beautiful then Pulau Pangkor.
wan go climb Kinabalu Mount??
i oso wan~~
u got wat traveling plan can jio me...
if my wallet allow, i can go~~XD

VHanded Cheepeng said...

chee wei: haha, not a pro one, Pangkor enough~ Kinabalu Mount, sure.

If a year 1 place, I need 24 years~

Joshua Chan said...

some near location can 1 yr go several places~
if wan travel a lot...
be SOHO lar...
thn u got a lot of time to travel...
especially nowadays, low fare tickets, u can go wherever u wan!

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