Saturday, September 26, 2009


This few weeks are my planning weeks.

Last 2 weeks I was planning my next semester timetable. "To take, or not to take?" become the question in my mind for days. At the end, I decided to take Computer Graphic, it's definitely useful in my FYP.

This is definitely not what we learn in Computer Graphic class.
(taken from


My industrial training will end on 10th Oct, means another 2 weeks. Yesterday finally has some time to plan for the Cameron Highland trip with friends.

Accommodation, ok.
Transport to there, ok.
Places to visit, ok.
Map of Cameron Highland, ok.
Transport in Cameron Highland, NOT ok...

From reviews, everyone said there is no car rental on Cameron Highland, and the next alternative is by taxi from 1 destination to another. Fees are not expensive, compare to KL, but, still lose the flexibility.

And 17th Oct 2009 is Deepavali.



Yesterday 5pm during my working hour, the feeling of doing something big just happen.

"I want to climb Mount Kinabalu."

Immediate ask some friends who want to crazy with me, and lucky, Bobby and Calvin turned in. Plan to conquer during our next semester break Dec 2009 - Jan 2010, trip will cover primarily Mount Kinabalu and other Sabah Town for about 10 days, cost about RM1k.

Need to save money from now.

Soon I will have a photo of me standing on the peak~

I sense the ending is approaching. The last summer of university life has ended, but I still have few very important things that must complete before graduate.

Stay tune.

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Bob said...

Cameron Highlands I fetch you go. 300 bux a day. For more info go upstairs and ask.


VHanded Cheepeng said...

Thank you, 300 is enough to buy new car.

Cath J said...

Hi there..

Got your comment.. I book the mount Kinabalu package from this web (Official web).

The prices are all depends on how many people going... the more people your group is.. the cheaper you get. (Ours was actually RM500++.. consider cheap .. include everything... The 489 was a payment we need to pay once you making a booking).. the balance was for paying the guide... cert.. and transport.. have to pay during climbing time.

I wish you all the best.. I know you can do it.. !!! Please do look up for good weather..

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