Monday, September 28, 2009


Had been away from my lovely computer for 2 weeks, curse the Power Supply Unit who showing it’s attitude for not booting up normally.

This morning went Lowyat to took it back. I don’t think there is anyone can get me there during this final exam week, so I decided to take public transport there alone, since I quite free.

But lucky I am, I saw Ben while I walking out. He wanted to go KL Sentral, so I got a ride, haha. Thanks.

My PSU. They upgraded it to modular version, old one discontinued, need quite some time for replacement.

After claimed back my PSU, I went for my laptop survey and tryout. Still loving the Dell Studio 14~

(image from Dell) Arr~~ Too sexy~

But when I tried out Dell Studio 14, I realize the Function key is so different: Normally when we terminate a program, we press Alt + F4; but what I experienced just now is, Fn + Alt + F4… Shit, means I have to get other brand… all new Dell series work like that.

What made me frustrated is, when I looking around, no one will serve me or assist me… I was standing in front the laptop, even started to try it on, and the salesperson is still standing there chatting with his college; but when a mid year man passing by(just passing my, not even stand) , they will go forward “Sir, can I help you?” Not only 1 booth, a lot are like that.

There are maybe few reasons:

1. I am so unlucky, all of them didn’t see me.
2. I am so immature, confirm no purchase power.
3. I look not computer literate.
4. I am too smart, they don’t dare to serve me, scare me shot them back when they say something wrong.
5. I am invisible.

Non of it make any sense. FUCK those people who judge other from look. Basic working attitude also can’t have, go home drink Dutch Lady 123 please.

Maybe is my problem too… Sometimes feel hard to mix in a new group. People who treat me like an adult, is only my close friend and family, that’s why I appreciate you all. Haha.


Found out the function-key problem can be adjusted to the normal one~ I will get one of it, here I come Dell Studio~

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sioukee said...

omg, i like that laptop.
BUT i like my latitude too!

VHanded Cheepeng said...

Dell Studio 14 rocks! But 3.5k leh...

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