Friday, October 30, 2009


“Picture!” This is the most common word I heard in Casino, means J, Q and K cards, which when combined with an Ace, will get you blackjack~

Yesterday is my first time enter Casino in my life. While I was still 20, I made joke that I will wait outside Genting Casino entrance before 12:00am of my birthday, and straight go in when I am 21, but never able to do that. haha.

With Su, Sotong, and Sam, we departed early morning to Genting Highland. Recall the last time I been there is already 3 years ago.

Went up by cable car. Remember 3 years ago, Digi has no signal on there, now they already can advertise on cable car.

Highland Hotel

Kena checked… 
As expected, police who guarded the entrance checked my IC, twice, out of 3 enters. Not really a bad news thought, means I have 66.67% young look, and 33.33% mature~ wahaha

First experience is always memorable. The machine “piut piut blink blink” sound, the gamblers shouting, and the grand interior design.

Not really a gambling kaki, I just want to have some special life experience. Seeing Su and Sotong playing, I was just walking around check out each table and game play.

No photo is allow in there. Sotong threatened me, said if I took photo, 2 black shirt big muscle guy will come and pull me go “drink coffee”.

This is the only photo I got in there [;)] where everyone who sit on it will eventually turn into zombie. They sitting there for hours, starring at the screen, with only 1 finger moving. I call it the dumb box.

The people
Few parties in there:

Police – need not me to mention much, you know what they do.

Dealer – Genting stuffs who can count cards like computer speed, and arrange card like a machine.

Player aka investor – consist 99% of casino people. Mostly aunty and uncle in the upper middle age up to grandpa/grandma level. Able to spend RM500 like RM50.


Their Expression
I wasn’t play at all, but enjoy the environment in there. Looking at those uncle/aunty face, some winning face, some losing face, mostly dumb face.

Some act pandai(clever), will tell other gambler how to play, but lose at the end; some will think they know statistic by jotting down every number every round, but actually it is just randomness.

This is the RM100 chip.

Wasn’t playing any, as I am in budget tight shit. Remember my friend Eric, the all-round gambler told me: “If you got no money, don’t gamble, never assume gamble can make you rich.”

Guess I am just not good at trying luck.

Spent almost half day in the casino. The whole day was recalling the scene in the movie ‘21’(Blackjack).

Really missing the cool breeze up there. Haiz, back to reality, I just got assigned new task to continue my internship’s Joukuu project.

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Erictan7 said...

wow.. eric the all-round gambler =.= r u referring to me?? lol..

VHanded Cheepeng said...

Yala, proud la.

Erictan7 said...

LOL.. u remember my words, even i din remember i said it b4 XD

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