Saturday, August 4, 2007

What to buy for Holiday seasons?

Emm, holiday is coming. My campus is having a holiday. Although the holiday is not several months long, but it should be enough to think of what to buy for my family during Halloween, and Christmas!

But, where to buy from?
Wow, difficult question. I am busy, busy for holiday trip, after holiday is tones of assignment, so when to buy it?

Here is the wishlist that always in my mind:

dad-beautiful vase
mom-Korean drama
brother-computer games
little brother-Transformer figure
sister-chinese orchestra instrument
myself-cool gadgets

So I think mine one can be easily get on Best Buy with coupon, so it will be cheaper, and my little brother toy can be get on KB Toys with discount, and my dad and mom gifts too. Besides the 2 stores, I can also point to to find more and more coupons, yeah!

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1 comment:

蓝玫瑰Emily said...

chinese orchestra instrument???
which one?? much is your budget neh?

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