Saturday, August 25, 2007

Streamyzzzzz Rocks!

After 2 months of waiting, at last I have my Internet connection!

Yes, since I moved in to Cyberjaya for degree study, I started to apply for telephone line.

Here is the process of applying TMphone line:

1. First, go TM point, fill in the form, and wait for 1 week to process.
2. Second week, contractor called me, and postponed to next week.
3. Third week, contractor came, and after diagnostic my wiring, said is my wiring problem.
4. Complained to house management. They said the wiring contractor will come next week.
5. Wiring contractor called me, and postponed to next week.
6. Fifth week, yea, he repaired it.
7. I called TM twice, and they said the contractor will call me.  yes, I didn't receive any call.
8. 6th week, I have to go TM point to beg them give me contractor number.
9. OK, TMline was on, and time to apply Screamyx.
10. Same week, went to TM Point again, and apply for Merdeka Bash package. Clearly, we remember the agent ask us want self install or contractor install.
11. Next week after a week break, was 8th week. We go and get out installation information, he said: ini applikation untuk kontractor la, kena bayar 88. Of course we cancel la, and reregister another one with self install.
12. 9th week, we went there (again), she didn't do anything, no application, like we are not exist at all. She said: tak payah mari lagi, nanti siap, kita akan call you.
13. 10th week, we went there with my emotion and words ready. if they still cant give me my username, I will see their manager, send complains to The Star, all Chinese publications, all international forums. But they lucky, they knew it when I said: saye sudah mari banyak kali la, and the senior quickly fill in my details into their database on the spot, which they usually will do after 3 days.

14. After 3 days from application, I sent a sms to activate it. Now it works.

TM sucks!

Streamyx Sucks

My friend asked me, why don't you use other broadband ISP, like Celcom 3G? I said: No TM product anymore, screw TM line and Celcom, let it bankrupts. (for Screamyzzzz, have to, no choice already...Maxis3G can't afford, yet.)

Tenaga National Berhad twice proposed to provide broadband using it's power cable, but both rejected, with a very unacceptable reason: government don't want to create competitor for TM. Fuc* you! The technology was widely used in Korea, and that's why Korea has the highest broadband penetration in the world, which is more than 26.7%, while Malaysia has only 1.86%(maybe lesser, according to 2006 information on Redesign Malaysia ). Create competitor la, you closed minded IS****IC country, open your mind! The world is FLAT!

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hcfoo said...

hope u r enjoying your streamyx line!

vhanded said...

haha, which streamyx user enjoy their line? But until now, the connection so far so good, no disconnect yet.

yung . said...

lol! I am also f*cking pissed with Screamyx! Provide such lousy service.
Wanted to get Celcom 3g, but can't afford the data card. Sigh.

Anyway, as you wished I added your link to my blogroll already, and please change the link in your blog to my current blog ( Thks!

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