Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Melaka here I back!

Today is the DJ Club Melaka Promo Day!

As an A&P(Advertising and Promotion) Division of DJ Club, I was so happy and excited to back to my first campus in Melaka! Depart at 7am, and reach by 9++ am.

When saw my campus, I was so touching, like back to somewhere so familiar, yet so far.

Before I end my foundation study at MMU Melaka, we always said: Melaka sucks! Mahkota Parade sucks! All sucks!

Now I am in Cyberjaya, although facilities are approaching perfect, wide road with no car, cool and windy all the time, but 1 thing I hate: FOOD! What kind of policy said that cannot sell pork in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya! Ok, so where is other chinese food? NO.


my lecture hall in Melaka MMU, very cold.

Back to title. In Melaka, I seen so many familiar faces, some still recognize me, some like don't know me. Even saw my junior from my secondary school, em, the spirit of Chung Ling is everywhere.

The promotion event was distributing flyers, explaining our concept, taking survey, palm print, and play games. The contestant broke our new Limbo Rocks Challenge with the height of 53cm only~~ He is so cool!

I really hope I have a camera, so I can take more beautiful and exciting photo and post it on this blog, sick of my lousy phone camera. So, please help me to spread my blog link, or let me write more meme to get higher pagerank and write more sponsored posts, yea! RM700 to go...

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Jasonmumbles said...

Never call me pun, if not can go stalk you. :P

生番薯 said...

u say wanna exchange link??sure?

vhanded said...

jason: I forgot la.... Next time sure will!

RawPotato: Thanks!

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