Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia!

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to Malaysia,
Happy Birthday to You!

Thank you to all my children, this year, as I am 50th, I hope you all will stick together, don't use some stupid policy to bond my children especially my non Bumiputra children, and also band cigarettes and pirated DVDs, and also greedy brothers.

I joined the National Day Parade this morning, and when I told my friend, they just said: "You go there and see only la!", actually, I am in the parade, not beside the parade.

Haha, thanks to PIKOM, Persatuan Industri Komputer and Multimedia Malaysia(Malaysia Computer and Multimedia Industry Association), who give me chance to join it, (all just because of the allowance), and this is the first time I put an attention to the national day parade.

I am in the marching team
Yea, no kidding, I marched for PIKOM. PIKOM is so kind to provide us with uniforms, caps, gloves, refreshments, accommodation, and of course, allowances.

The hotel I stay is not those cheap shit that specially for prostitute, but is a at least 3 stars hotel, Ancasa Hotel. Located just beside Plaza Rakyat station, and from my room can view the whole KL city. They some more let only 2 person in a room! Not like other trip which need to pay but still have to share 4 persons in a twin sharing room.

Me with full uniform in my room.

The very morning, we all have our breakfast, wow, it's not just fried rice and toast! I took so much and finished it, so yummy.DSC00803
Assorted bread.

The morning when we reach Masjid Negara, a car parked there was tolled away... pity car on National Day.DSC00805
Pity Car.

The chickens of the country. (Telecommunication operators)

Band performance by...... Which high school forgot....

Another marching team, also don't know who are they.

Media Prima, the TV broadcast company, also joined the marching parade. Their uniforms are cooler than us, because it looks like AirAsia. Some show hosts like Disney Malaysia and 999 was also joining the marching, all very good looking and nice body shape, haha.(as they are TV host)
Media Prima Uniform.

More media prima... This angle sucks, I should step to a little bit left, then can see those little cute girls posing.

Helicopters bringing flags of each states fly over the sky. I saw Penang, yahoo!


My friend, Aaron, he complained the sleeves are too short, and too tight, but just noticed he wore girls cutting uniform during the parade.

Aaron who wearing girls cutting shirt.

Part of KL that I never seen before.

Welcome back, "astronuts"!!


The parade is not long, just 2.4km, and about 20 minutes of marching, the marching was ended in front Quality Hotel, and we spent our time there watching the jets performance.

When the jets did a horizontal upward spinning, it looks like Transformers transforming.

Milo Challenge
Yea, this is crazy. In this kind of big occasion, of course we see sponsored drink. Today is Milo! After the tired march, we rush to get it, and suddenly I spoke: "Last time my record was 7 cups continuous, and end up vomited in the toilet", then everyone started to drink like crazy, and Aaron who want to challenge me drank 10 cups!! Me? still the same result, 7 cups only, but didn't vomit out. Kok Min drank 8 cups while Chia Syan drank 8 cups too.

Imagine 10 cups stack together, how can it enter a human stomach?!

Milo tin man, I tearing the mouth.

As an appreciation to us, PIKOM invite us to Nando's Chicken, and let us order what we want. Yes, I am not that greedy, just a quarter chicken with drink only, moreover, how much can I eat with 7 cups of Milo in my stomach? I saw the final bill, it is RM920++!! Thank you!!

When the National Anthem played, I really stood and have the feeling of proud as Malaysian(screw those who still sitting on floor and chatting), and I always like to introduce Malaysia to other international visitors if I have chance to speak with them. Negarakuku singer, NameWee, who is also a Malaysian, have the same feeling when he studying in Taiwan, what he did on his music video is not to insult the government and other races, but that's the truth that reflect the society, but no one dare to talk about it, scare one day their nationality will be canceled....

Malaysia, please wake up, remove the races tag from IC, remove the fucking Bumiputra quota from business and high education. Understand why we lose to Singapore. I stand here and keep writing what is right for Her, and if Najib want to find troubles, bloggers will answer.

Malaysia, I really love you, and I hate you too, just love come first.


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Bengbeng said...

must b quite an experience :)

Matthew said...

For PIKOM right? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did many years back. Thanks for dropping by. :)

vhanded said...

bengbeng: yea, the first time to national parade, and the first time to be part of them too.

matthew: you also joined PIKOM before? The world is so small...

生番薯 said...

i wan milo...

fenn said...

thx for dropping by :)
seems tat u missing melaka hor? cyber no food!!! thats wad my frens owes tell me hehee..
btw its 37 days to holiday la..1 year to go for graduation..
all the best for ur study lor..appreciate the time u have in mmu!!!

yung . said...

wow marching for Malaysia, I don't think I will do that.. Btw, totally agree on what you say about Malaysia, in short, love'em and hate'em..

Noticed the my link has been changed. Thanks!

vhanded said...

Fenn: yea, Melaka has better food, but Cyberjaya has better entertainment too... But I prefer simple place like Melaka.

yung: Yes, the country I love and may die for, but some times don't know the reason why should I sacrifice for her...

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