Sunday, August 5, 2007

Malaysia Operators, I like it!

Everyday tune into radio, open newspaper, walk around, everywhere are advertisement of Maxis, Digi, and Celcom. Their slogans are: I am the lowest; I don't have hidden charge; I am nationwide rate... Which one is the lowest? I don't care la, as I am Maxis postpaid user, hehe.

Recently, Digi said their prepaid provide 36 cents nationwide, provided when the user spent RM30 and above.

Maxis Hotlink fight back with 36 cents without any spending limit.

Celcom, who is always the last action taker, released their latest plan--35 cents nationwide!

1 cent cheaper
Celcom is 1 cent cheaper than the other 2 operators, but can that changes influence the whole market seriously? Em, If Maxis and Digi did that, maybe, but Celcom...  Whatever, you all quarrel, consumers earn.

Currently, I been to 3 states: Penang(my hometown), Melaka,(my first year study in MMU), and Cyberjaya(my degree study in MMU), I notice most prepaid users are Hotlink, after a big gap, followed by Digi, and very less Celcom.

Last month, TM CEO came to our campus to give a leadership speech, and he late for 1 hour. We have a joke: To be a leader, one must be late, at least 1 hour, haha. When he ask how many users who use Hotlink, or Maxis, many people lift up their hand, then Digi is also quite a number, but Celcom, which is TM product, have the less users... So embarrassing...

But if Streamyx has a strong competitor like Digi and Hotlink, that is cool, we will have more choices and the end consumer get benefits. Until today, I still don't understand why government don't give 3G license to Digi, while the other side said: We must improve our ICT industry! Bullshit!

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Erictan7 said...

Correct totally agreed, we should have more competitors in broadband field, streamyx provide it users low connectivity and slow service, i wish to see more companies in this area. And also, maxis is the best la. Not coz digi sux, is because ALL MY FRIENDS USE MAXIS!!! lol..

Che-Cheh said...

Yeah maxis/hotlink rawks!

vhanded said...

erictan7: yea, actually there are still a lot of service providers in the market, but maybe because of background politic, all those ISPs are like dying.

PenangFON-RM60 per month, 2Mbps
Maxis3G -RM99 per month
Jaring, Digi Broadband, MetroFON, AirZed, Celcom3G...
....and lot more.

che cheh: High 5! Maxis user too!

Keropok Man said...

hmmm which prepaid is the best?

i use to have a maxis prepaid when i visit malaysia, but it expired before i can go back again! haha...

vhanded said...

keropok man: just can stand for 3 months if you dont reload it. For the best service provider, is almost the same la, but I still prefer Maxis.

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