Sunday, August 5, 2007

8 Random Real facts of me

I have been tagged by Yung! Sorry to reply it late, as I don't have a proper Internet connection, so can't write it earlier.

This time, the title is, as you can see, is some random facts of me, and this is the second time I write meme about my facts.

1. I love my stuff.
Example, my 1 and 8 months old shoes, my 4 years old watch, my 3 years old Mizuno Backpack, and this almost 4 years old laptop. Although their performances are decreasing, but still not willing to change it, especially my stitched and stitched backpack.

2. I don't enjoy food.
Eating in roadside hawker's stall and Secret Recipe make no different to me. I don't find any enjoyable feeling in a RM3 chicken rice and RM15 Chicken Rice.

3. I am always naked in my house.
My housemate call me: "naked boy", just because I don't wear shirt at home. Luckily no girls stay in my house. And because I sleep and eat in my room--living room, so people always saw me without shirt.
What the fuck sensored
someone took my photo, so very normal reaction, I show my weird facial expression and the finger(but censored).....

4. I enjoy being alone.
Especially after class, I prefer to walk back from campus to house, walk slowly, look around, and say Hi to friends, with a backpack on my back. This is the most peace moment.

5. I love my planet.
I am weird--In front my friends, and cashiers in marts. I don't like to use plastic bags, and all my stuff will be swept into my backpack.(If I carrying it out, else will take plastic bag if the items are too much). I used to bought a toothbrush and put it in my pocket, just like that. Sometimes so sad to see someone drinking Soda with a plastic bag wrapped on the can, what the fuck?! Like that also need to take a plastic bag? Stop complaining the hot weather as you are one of the contributor to global warming! I am also the one who always turn off the fan at home, while my housemate told me: the electricity is so cheap already! (wtf, just turn off when no one using it la!)

6. I love to take photo.
Of myself, of people around, of beautiful scenes, of cute and horrible things around...... but I don't have a proper camera. All my photos were from my handphone's lousy camera, or from my friend's camera. Now working hard to write sponsored post to get a camera, but page rank not enough! I need another RM600 to get Olympus MJU 1000(which may outdated when the time I want to buy it.) Anyone can help me to increase my page rank to write more sponsored post?

7. I don't play computer games.
Weird huh? Friends around playing Maple Story, DotA, while I play blogging, programming. I don't find any exciting in computer games, except those very high end graphic games like F.E.A.R. or the upcoming Crysis. But what impressed me is just the marvelous 3D graphic. Sometimes went out with those friends, they just talk about 'Stun', 'KS', 'backdoor', or whatever shit terms, while I am out of title. (DOTA sucks!!)

8. Someone?
When I am sad, is there someone who can feel it and be with me? When I feel happy with my success, is there someone who feel proud of me? The same things opposite: Who is the one I will be with when she sad? Who is the one I will feel proud when she success? Who is she?

These are few random facts of mine, and I hope can get to know other bloggers in my blogroll. hehe.

So, I would like to know these people's random fact.

Bobby Ong

hope to see these people's random fact! Just simply write 8 random facts of you.(If you want to write more, most welcome!)

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蓝玫瑰Emily said...


jianbing said...

you're one interesting guy, cause you don't enjoy food! hahahaha. nice to meet you here. add you into my blogroll in next update :D

vhanded said...


jianbing: you too an interesting guy who 'destroy' all your uploaded photo... Food is like normal to me, once I can eat, i will just eat without choosy...

Keropok Man said...

i dun play computer games too!
if i do, its solitaire!

what a pity you dun like food.
i love food!

Wuching said...

u need to put on some weigh!

bobby said...

wah i kena tagged by u....gotta go do my tags

Bengbeng said...

thanks for sharing.feels like i know u better oledi :)

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