Sunday, January 27, 2008

Google coming in Malaysia?

I read this on LowYat.Net, our Boleh PM, Abdullah Badawi saying that Google( yes, is Google) is interesting to set up a base in Malaysia, due to Malaysia's policy.

I wonder what policy is that, if is about Malaysia's support towards ICT, go die. Malaysia, and the whole world knows that ICT is very important, and Malaysia is taking steps to set up MSC(recently changed to MSC Malaysia), so what?

Government hospital's staff don't know how to on PC; PTPTN website and database system is the worst system I ever seen, I believe the worst graduate can write a better one; everything is so manual in Malaysia, even our IC is chip base, but we all just use it as a 'card', government bank never offer online banking, and many more examples.

Although I do hope that this is not just hot air, as Google is one of my dream workplace, but to set a base in Malaysia which don't have enough IT graduates and professions, while Singapore already has a Google base.

Anyway, if Google is coming, of course we all welcome!

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Che-Cheh said...

I read from the paper about this...don't believe they would set up a base here...but then good la if it's really true. Coz like you I wanna work in Google too. Haha

vhanded said...

che-cheh: Working in Google have a lot of privileges like no uniform policy, 15 minutes policy, and the best; it's cool!!

narrowband said...

Ok I not sure I can enter Google with what qualification, but if they really come here, I really want to explore career/employment opportunities with them!!!

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