Sunday, January 20, 2008

My first Blood Donation~

2 years ago, I wanted to donate blood during my National Service, but was rejected, as I am not 18 years old yet; 2 months ago I wanted to donate blood in my campus, but day after that is my exam, and I afraid that I would fainted or can't perform well; yesterday, I successfully donated my first pack of blood to the community!~

First Blood~!! (Not Dota)

The blood donation drive is organized by University Malaya's (some club or society or organization, perhaps, with the support from LION).

registration form.

I am lucky enough, as one of the criteria to donate blood is having 45kg minimum weight, but on the scale, I am just 43.5 or 44 kg, but still given the chance~ Haha! The blood volume is taken according to weight, they won't take 450ml from a 45kg donor like me, or I will become mummy....

The process is just about 20 minutes, but for a first time donor like me, I need some courage, trying to read something notices, taking photos to draw my fear away while waiting.

To my surprise, I thought they will just poke the big fat transfer needle into my arm without any numb injection, lucky they do inject numb injection (I know there is a scientific name for that injection, forgot).

Want to try? Fun~

Process is Painless
Process is painless, looking my blood flowing through the transfer pipe, while my palm holding a softball press and release it repeat and repeat. They took about 250ml~300ml of my blood only.

The After Effect
After the blood transfer, I rested for about 10 minutes chatting with some of my Chung Ling friend. Khang Teik! Long time never see you since our graduation 2 years ago! Actually, I didn't feel any negative effect, except the small small hole on my arm, and a minor bruise around the hole.

A small needle hole on my arm.

Benefit of Donor
To my attention, I realize that the more you donate, the more benefit you will get from your health service, like free medicine, free ward, discount on medical checkup bla bla bla. Not to mention free Milo drink, Tiger biscuit, Mamee Snack, a certificate and a record book.

The benefit to your body is to let your body generate new blood (new thing is always better, right?). Plasma will be regenerated in 24 hours, while red blood cell will be totally replaced in 6 ~ 8 weeks.


Night, I become a driver to fetch all the blood donation committees to Penang Island. Why? Lih Shian is one of the committee lo. My car is so pack! (Penang Island! It's a nightmare to me, especially Saturday night!)


Oh no, 2nd time driving in island, although I am Penangite, but I know not much about the direction, or just call me direction blind. Lucky before depart I studied little bit about direction to Gurney Plaza on Google Earth, but still lost.

What a gay photo... shit.

Yan Ying and Lih Shian (Teenagers nowadays like to gaying and lesbianing...)

Having a late dinner, or just call it supper, and some photo sessions and chatting at Gurney Drive, then drive to Fort Cornwallis for some wind and photo session, again. I think I need to get a new memory stick, the build in one is definitely not enough for me!

The way home is clear, as the time is 1:16am. Radio is playing Jay Chou's song, 彩虹(Rainbow)。Everyone was so tired and some slept already, huh, today still have a final day for the blood drive, gambate to them!~ target 80 packs of blood? Ha.

In the future will be second time, third time, and many times more. You never know who will need it, maybe yourself, and maybe your loves one.

Today's quote:
There is a reason in every movement or action you taken.

Oh ya, I started a new blog at about my very personnel stuff, of course, just to let you know, but you all won't be able to read it~ Beg me la.

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Kamigoroshi said...

I'm a regular blood donor and am on the blood marrow donor list. It really isn't hard. I actually feel much better after donating blood.

Though as a tip, after the needle comes out. Press down on the puncture as hard as you can for about 15-20 minutes or so. It'll lessen the bruising and it won't hurt as much later on.

vhanded said...

kamigoroshi: oh, that works? Try again next time~

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