Monday, January 14, 2008

A long long days I didn't post.

Huh.... since my semester break started 3 Jan, I didn't online: no Live Messenger, no Firefox, no games, nor anything related with my daily computing...... except my lovely SE K600i~

My laptop show me sudden dead 3 months ago, and the main thing that let me depress is the hard disk which spoiled, not other replaceable part. Hard disk of course is replaceable, but the data in there is so precious to me! I checked for the recovery fees: USD 1000 to 5000~ forget it for now, I will recover it when I am rich enough!

I bought a new desktop PC just few days after the dead of my laptop, and she--Hungry PC, is sleeping quietly at my Cyberjaya house. She is the one who gave me all I want in the 3 months and the future, love her so much.

A new Hard Disk.
At PC Depot at Penang, I bought a new notebook hard disk with external casing at RM189. Fix on my dead laptop, formatted it, and install with Windows XP, feel so guilty to use pirated, but I tried many many ways to install Linux(it's free and legal), but my laptop with a faulty Combo drive can only read DVD, not CD, so Ubuntu Live CD and my Windows XP OEM CDs can't install on this laptop...

And after installation, my dead laptop revived!

Applications that I installed
To let me feel not so guilty, all the programs I installed on this laptop is open source and freeware. Free Download Manager, Firefox, OpenOffice, ALZip(similar and more features than WinZip and WinRAR), COMODO Firewall, bla bla bla.

Maybe some of you started to feel that I thought too much, no need to feel guilty, you are no wrong.... And I admit I am weird, after study IT, I realized an application is not easy to write, and steal it is just too bad to the programmer. But sometimes I just can't afford original very pricey software like Flash, Photoshop, however I still need to install it later... As I have a lot of campus projects need to go on.

Today's quote:
If you think you are right, do it;
else, don't...... or do it with guilty.

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hcfoo said...

Sorry, man to hear your laptop kaput oredi. I'm sure a new desktop isn't bad either.

Nowadays people always ubuntu ubuntu. I still haven't find out what it is.

Che-Cheh said...

Hehe I thought no paid post to write. :P

vhanded said...

hcfoo: my laptop revived already lo~ hehe. Ubuntu? only fun for us IT geek, not for normal people who want easy functions. I tried to install a NVIDIA driver for the first time, and it spent 4 hours of my life!

che-cheh: ahahaha, i quit paid post for few months first, later continue. And actually, no paid post for PR0 too.... pity.

yung . said...

Ah! I never feel guilty installing those pirated programs.. Punish me!

生番薯 said...

i like ur quote...

vhanded said...

yung: Most Malaysian never feel that, as this already become their everyday practice, and I don't very mind it, as long as it don't affect my streaming and normal page loading.

rawpotato: yes, that is always true, we know it's wrong, but still want to do it, so have to do it with guilty lo.

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