Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My first day in 2008.... Mess Up

Huh, thought this year new year eve will be more memorable than last year, but not. Thought can countdown in Mid Valley, last minutes cancelled; thought can syok sendiri (enjoy myself) at home, too late to prepare; thought can call someone up and say Happy New Year, slept; thought at least can finish the movie X-MEN, can't.....

Mess Up, but I won't let this mess dragged throughout the year, I will conquer this year! Happy New Year! At least I called my Dad and say Happy New Year~

p/s: New Year is here, and robbery and house broke in cases will increase, so be careful all the time and lock your doors tight~

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keeyit said...

The wordings that you wrote "shiok sendiri" really make me laugh.. hahahhaaaaa... aiya.. at least got me to accompany you lo.. I also alone at home.. hehe

vhanded said...

keeyit: that's the term widely use in our campus, short form is 'SS', some peoples even bore enough to form their own 'SSC' (syok sendiri club), and together do all the stuff they think only they enjoy. Haha.Happy New Year!

hcfoo said...

well, at least it's a peaceful night on new year's eve for you and keeyit ;) Actually mine too. Staying at home away from the jam and huge crowd is always the better or I should say the smarter choice ;)

Che-Cheh said...

Yeah I stayed home too. Surfing net. Hahaha

hcfoo said...

i'm giving you the first tagged post of the year ;)

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