Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My new Year shirt~

Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese, Malay, Indian, everyone~!!!

I believe it's a tradition to wear new shirts in a new year, to symbolise a new start, no matter you believe that symbolization, everyone will just buy new shirts, right?

I bought a jeans from PDI. It's really difficult to find a suitable shorts or 3 quarters for my size... So I gave up for those, and buy a jeans.

PDI easy fit jeans, RM89.10.

Let God decide.
Suddenly in Isetan, I saw a stripe shirt, black and white like piano, very nice!!! I tried it, and it fitted me well, and it's kind of sweater type. Who wear sweater in Malaysia??!! However, Malaysia is full of air-conditioner.

The price is Rm89, same with the jeans! I put it back, and walk away... Should I buy it? Expensive wow...

My housemate, Su, told me: flip a coin.

OK, took out 50 cents, if tail, buy it, else don't. And I got this: DSC00742

And now the SEED black and white stripe shirt is lying on my bed.

Nice? It's expensive, but I like it, and god want me to have it, so I got it... Someone said it's a prison shirt.

these 2 pieces cost me RM180 already, and I got no more money to spend for others like movies......

Today's quote:
A coin can decide everything, include your life; and you can choose to let the coin to decide or not.

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