Saturday, May 3, 2008

An hour in Lim Kok Wing

I am glad that I am in MMU.

Before enter there, we all have an impression that Lim Kok Wing University is not normal class university, means, everything will be expensive, best facilities, highly creativity.

When we are there, both sides of road are parked with cars. The parking lot in campus is not enough, and to our surprise, parking inside campus need to pay RM1 each hour, even for visitors.

3 guys, me, Su, and Hao, all first time to LKW(Lim Kok Wing), to have lunch. We planned to go there for almost a year, worst is, we passing by everyday, just never turn in there, haha.

The Wings. In their central plaza.

A wide view at their central plaza.

This is their food court, their saloon, their cafe, their hangout places.

I not sure is there 5 saloons, or 1 saloon with size of 5 shop lot. But definitely, even is free, I won't try it. Not sure the guy with scissor is a newbie or a pro~

Oh no~

Food Court
They have a major food court, name MakanLah~ They sell all kind of foods, from Western to Eastern, Chinese and Malay food, everything. We are not surprise that the price is high, as all students here don't give a damn to price.

Food court, MakanLah~

The most popular cafe(and the only 1, I think), is Wings Cafe. Quite good image, but I never have chance to try yet. Beside coffee, they have other branches and sub products, like Satay, burger, hotdogs, etc. Not only in their Central Plaza, they have small coffee shop around campus, like library.

1 of their sub product.

A big different compare to MMU students. Consist mostly of international students from all around the world, especially Middle East.

Attire: No dress code.
What they carry: Cell phone, PSP, cigarettes.
What they don't carry: books.
What rule they don't give a damn: smoking.

A concert was going on when we are there, a live band. Good instrument, suck singer, as usual. MMU band not good either.

See this guy who looks like lecturer, but don't know how to read 'NO SMOKING', is smoking under the sign!

I found that a lot old seniors in LKW are wearing black suit like those in the upper pic, I assume they are lecturers, but,.... all holding cigarette in their hands.

This is the long corridor, I think is their lecturer or tutorial room, or whatever room they call it. Arts on the wall on both sides. (ignore the fat lady)

The campus is quite small, and can travel around in campus easily by walking. But to come to LKW, the only way is using car and public transport, because no hostel in campus for students, and nearest accommodation is Cyberia, beside MMU.

At last, I am in LKW~

This is not my style, really. In there, everything is money, cigarette, and enjoyment. I can't feel the learning environment in there. I am glad I am in MMU, I am glad I know you.

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Anonymous said...

Please don't go study at LKW. This place is NOT a place to study. Waste of time and money. Their System sucks, people suck. Nothing there that doesn't suck.

Anonymous said...

Don't b such a hater. It's a shame saying such things. Keep those comments to yourself. Students are happy at LKW, its a friendly environment. So please don't hate.

Anonymous said...

limkokwing is a place where MONEY is is more important than education, this is a SUCKING-MONEY university.

Anonymous said...

fuck de hatred bout lkw. get a life stupid retards.

Anonymous said...

You just come and see it here for yourself for once...full of hitams and chubaccas... Am I studying in Malaysia or...Afghanistan?!?!

Anonymous said...

Haha the motherfucker who commented above is probably hitam anyway...closed minded jackass. Afghanis aren't even black. Stupid piece of culturally ignorant shit :D

well, LKW has a total different environment compared to MMU, but we do produce more creative and open minded people, and believe it or not, we are actually thought to break rules here, because 'you limit yourself by the rules you make'.

And yea it's a place filled with rich kids from all around the world.. but so what? Some might not even be as rich as you think, but we'd like a change for once.. and LKW is a great place for that.

Owh yes its a money sucking place and I despise it for that, but put that aside and think positively.

Dear author, there is an on campus accommodation. It's even in ur mini pile of pictures.

and do they even provide english classes at MMU, cuz it seems to me that you have never attended one.

VHanded Cheepeng said...

Maybe you are right, my 1 hour visit is not enough to judge the whole picture.

We all from different worlds, with different races studying together, but I got to admit that, foreigners especially from middle east are much open minded.

Usually, this is the sense of belonging, if I am in LKW, maybe I would say MMU sucks, and the other way round.

MMU, yea, restricted by lot of rules and procedures that each rules can caused summons and tickets (personally get caught because wearing a bermuda shorts), and other friends who summon because of smoking.

Just be grateful of what we got, is the key to reduce hatred. Good luck everyone, I am trying to brush up my English too.

mdreed said...

I m a lim kok wing student of semester 4 and I agree with the article written. Currently LKW is forcing us to follow a global classroom trip to UK and it is damn compulsory. The cost is like 10k RM. WTF! and I m still owe money to pay the education fee. As if they treat everyone there like friggin rich or what! And the management there sucks, everything is all about money and I don't see any education or student as their main priority. I worked in the graphic industry before and was placing high expectation on LKW. But now I feel regret enrolling in LKW.

Now I hope to solve this friggin UK trip whatsoever case later coz I don have friggin money to pay for such thing! My mind is on education not on some fancy trip to fancy place. Though I know they trying to build connection and stuff but come one, I m in art industry. It is not easy to build connection with some bullshit talking but with good portfolio and background experiences. We are talking about applying work oversea in an international studio here.

Anonymous said...

I am a Software Engineering student from LKW, Google linked me to this page when I searched "Limkokwing University vs MMU". Yes students as well as lecturers smoke just about everywhere and the Uni also forces us to take the Global Campus (London Trip) program as a compulsory module which is quite expensive for a student. I agree with most of the author's comments. My advice is if you are a serious student intending to do any IT courses, please do not join Limkokwing. Your exam paper will be copied by the whole class infront of the lecturer and you'll be the only one who'll give a damn about assignment submissions and the modules will just be rushed with a couple of amateur slides and easy assignments. Students that never show up for classes can pass. Slowly you'll lose motivation too. Limkokwing is only serious about Architecture, Multimedia and Fashion. IT students here don't even know how to properly use an online presentation tool. They don't even know what they are doing with software. Those that are good at it will only be good at it with their own online research and learning. I gotta change to MMU. I love the diversity and freedom offered here but in most cases, properly enforced rules and regulations coupled with like minded peers make a huge difference in terms of academic achievement. That simply does not exist at LKW.

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