Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2nd Button

Time is fast. When you enjoying certain things, you won't feel the time flow through your body, your mind, your hand, but it just will flow through, like air.


This week will be the last week of our MMU final year seniors, who going to have their Convocation on coming Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I still have 1 year and 10 months in this university, although I always critic "MMU sucks la" , but finally I still want to be MMU-ian.

The best feeling, I can work now! Earn my own money, do my own thing! However, the worst feeling for graduating is the feeling of separate from friends, lecturers, exams, quizzes, ponteng(absent because of lazy), "sign for me"(MMU best slogan), and everything you can mention during university life, everything we say sucks, but the end we just want the "sucks"...

A less known Graduation Tradition
During graduation, guy will give away his 2nd button on his shirt(or uniform) to someone he loves, sometimes is the girl ask for it. But, for all the buttons on the shirt, only the second button be given away, why?

According to Japan tradition, second button on shirt is the button that nearest to heart. This is especially for school uniform, which represent the life of studying, where the guy wear it throughout the study time. It had gathered the love, happiness, sadness, emotions in it, and is very precious and full of memories.


But MMU without uniform, what to do? Figure it out yourself.

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