Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympic: One World One Dream

Every time I listen to Olympic songs by singers worldwide, I can feel the passion in it. People always said: must chase dream. What is dream?

For the players, to achieve the furthest, to catch up the fastest, to beat the strongest, is their dream.

I watched the Beijing 2008 Olympic open Ceremony in Old Town with Karen and Eddy, kesian 3 of us so lonely. The most impressive of all fireworks is the "29 Giant Footprints"!! Enco!


When the participating countries come out one by one, and when Malaysia's turn, everyone in Old Town cheered! Me too. Still the same sentence, Malaysia I love you and hate you.


and 70+ countries is really too boring to wait, as what we want to watch is the final touch, so we decided to go Bobby's house to watch stream TV from Internet. The quality not bad, with very minor lagging.

Still the same feeling, while I watching fireworks, my left hand will hold tight, hope your hand is in my palm, every time I watch fireworks.

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hcfoo said...

This is at the Old Town Kopitiam at Cyberjaya? I love it there, very cosy. Din know they put up a projector there.

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