Saturday, August 9, 2008

YCS Vending Day 1

YCS is not just a pure entertainment society, now we are entering financial stage, ha~

With the money we won from CNYE Food Race, we used it to invest for more, which is selling refreshments during MMU Convocation, yeng leh...

pigs! Wake up la!

We selling Cupcake Chic from The Curve, Damansara, cut fruits, and Anything and Whatever drinks, hoho! All these really a big budget, we can never lose it!

Karen with her "what la" face, and cut fruits that we cut. There are watermelon, honey dew, and papaya. For all of these, the best selling is honey dew. Why? Don't know.

These are the Anything and Whatever drinks we bought. No matter what, we have to sell it all! My mission!

If you don't know what is Anything and Whatever, you outdated la~ Google it to know more.

FIT most beautiful moment. By the time I graduate, what will the decoration looks like?

A big sorry: Because of my mistake, I caused 9 cupcakes felt and really a big loss... Sorry x 100.

My big big big problem now: hard sale drinks, have to sell 250 cans a day, have to!


Still have day 2 and 3 to go, gambate!

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