Friday, August 15, 2008

In the Time of Chaos, we need Hero.

Imagine a peace world, no war, no corruption, fair, everything is so secure under the implementation of laws... Even there exist someone who has superhuman strength, but also seldom to find a change to use it...

And the opposite, corruption wins, then we need someone who can help us, and the same time against the so-called government.

Once upon a time, there exist Iljimae....

The story set at a Korea Joseon Dynasty, there exist a chivalrous robber who steal corrupted government's stuff and give it to the poor, people call him Iljimae, or 一枝梅(by 李准基). He act as a useless gangster in the day, but at night he flying around in black suit.

Story unfold when he finding the murder of his father, and the love stories of him.

Want to know more? Watch it la~ just 20 episodes.

Thanks Lee for sharing this Korean Drama to me, it's my first Korean Drama, very excited!

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