Sunday, August 17, 2008

Putrajaya Fireworks

The Malaysia International Fireworks Competition is back again! This year the participating countries are Malaysia(of course), China, Canada, Spain, and Australia. Who will be the winner? (most people will think: buuu~ not Malaysia~)

Yesterday night I went there with YCS after dinner, and the participating country was China. The starting time was delayed from 9:30pm to 10pm and was published on the website, but we didn't notice, so waited there for 1 and half hours, but it's worth.

Ah Tiong is feeding Andrew some sweet "shoe".

These 2 gay asses...

While waiting under the dark sky chit chatting, suddenly Ah Tiong saw something crawling toward us. He shouted in Cantonese: "yao ye pa gan go lei!" (something crawling here!)

Oh, is Mr. Strong, Cockroach.

The moon light high on the sky. (Sorry for my lousy camera)





It's awesome. Human's eyes are the best camera, no exposure, white balance adjustment etc~

Sorry for all the lousy photo, from a lousy Sony T-9.

It's a not bad one actually, just too much red and green color shots make me little bit dizzy, but still like it~ The whole fireworks lasted 25 minutes(around that). And for every blast on the sky, we heard "wah", "Wah", and "Wahhhhhh"~~~~

There will still be Canada Team on 20th August, Spain on 24th August, and Grand Final by Australia on 29th August.


For all the awesome blast in the dark sky, I am missing you.

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