Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I won a voucher~

Last week SNS (Saturday Night Skate)...

Steve: "The winner of lucky draw will get a voucher worth RM100! Lets pick a name. (picking) , em, the winner is --- V! Congratulation!"

V: "Har?" (happy, go forward and take it)

(actually is RM10 only la~)

Post for the camera~

It's a New Zealand Natural outlet voucher worth RM10. Find a day and spent it la, before 31 Oct 2008. I doubt this voucher enough for the cheapest item in the outlet?

The cool thing is, there are 3 lucky draws during the night, and ALL winners are from MMU!~ Yahoo!

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Mafer said...

finally got time to visit your blog... hmm...

VHanded Cheepeng said...

mafer: you talk like my blog can run away...

casey said...

belanja me!
3 whole scoops for Rm12.50 (including tax) only!
let's go, I'll pay the RM2.50, provided you don't eat faster than me.
Congratulations, enjoy... (^^)

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