Sunday, September 14, 2008

Life is precious, pressure is not a good excuse to give it up.

I believe most MMU students, especially Melaka campus, has received the death news of a brilliant student, Boo Jay Win.

His body was found at Jetty Melaka, after 36 hours of missing, with all his belongings were nicely arranged by the jetty there.

According to the police investigation, he was committed suicide due to high study pressure, not to mention he is also the vice president of Engineering Society.

Leaving his so called problems, his family, and his girlfriend, without any message. When his girlfriend saw his body, she almost jump into the sea, but was stopped by people around, while his family was crying sadly.

RIP? This is just not suitable to say it to you. How to rest in peace while you make the livings suffer? Live is not just about studying, get a god damn first class and A's, there are still a lot of things and purpose to live.

Billions of people want to live, but they can't choose between live and death; you can, but you chosen death, with an excuse which is not an excuse. Pressure is just not an excuse to give up your life, try to adjust your target you can find the world is not that hard to live.

For the living, please always encourage people around you. Life may seems short, but don't go through it; must life through it. For now, pray for the damage that he caused can be washed by time.

news from ChinaPress


I feel my life is meaningful.

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