Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting a Web Hosting~

My university recently shut down it's web hosting server (for no reason!), so all clubs and societies in the university has to find their new web hosting provider from outside campus.

I was assigned to manage a website for my club, which is Green Club, a club to create awareness about global warming and environment.

My president told me I had to design a website, as our sponsors want their ads on the website soon. I thought of using Wordpress template, and need a web hosting that can provide Windows or Linux server.

And I found IPServerOne, a web hosting provider in Malaysia, that provide affordable and efficient hosting, just RM199 for a year, or RM298 for 2 years, with a lot of full control features.

Moreover, the storage size is customizable storage starting from as low as 3GB to few hundreds, and high monthly bandwidth. Suitable all ranges of customers.

Malaysia web hosting service may be more stable, as the transfer distance is shorter within the country.

Worth to consider.



- brought to you by IPServerOne

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