Sunday, September 7, 2008

1 day trip with Black and Milo.

Actually is because I am bringing my computer's motherboard to Lowyat to claim warranty, and since Aaron(the black) and Ramesh(the milo) going there too, so we go together, Ramesh drive.

(crazy ass driver, 160km\h!)

At Lowyat
Me: excuse me, can you please check this motherboard can function or not?
Salesgirl: OK, wait a moment.

A moment....

Salesgirl, See? Your board works normally.

So I wasted my time carrying my motherboard for warranty claiming.
(Reached home and fix back again, it works! Now I using it.)

At Time Square
Aaron and Ramesh hanging in remote control toy shop for few hours, I starring at those remote control cars... so boring. And spent my time in Border, reading cookbook. Yes, cookbook! Cannot ar?!

Dinner is at Tepanyaki. 1 plate of Chicken Tepanyaki + green tea only RM11 with tax, can refill~

Aaron: "Come la, we 3 seldom come out one, we each buy 1 bottle alcohol and sit down drink la!"

And each of us get a bottle of Jack Daniel + Coke, RM12.

Taste nice.

Later continue our time by watching Wall.E. I always wanted to watch this, although Cyber Tracker released it earlier, but I want to watch it in cinema! Just because the advertisement: "Bring your Date to Cinema."

Wall.E, looks so dumb, just for a simple reason: to make Eve happy.

His only wish, is to hold Eve's "hand". Even robots can have romance... Can I? Really missing her while watching.

wall e
Wall E the trash robot, very cute.

So my day, spent quite a lot of money. And that's all for this semester, work hard for my final, work hard for everything.

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