Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas come early~

Brought Karen to have her skate yesterday. Yea~ Now she got her own skate, no need wear mine~

Want to have a hair cut actually, but Monsoon-id want to charge me RM40. Thanks, I don't want cut liao. And lost all the mood of cut hair.

Since I always almost fell on wet surface, I should get a new shoe, this one already served me for more than a year, since 2007 August, so not willing to throw it~ (I love my things that used for long time, especially my backpack)

Saw this Christmas Decoration in One Utama, Alice in Wonderland.

And I got this:

Yes, it's white again, been wearing white shoes for my entire life.

This is New Balance 574 Vegas Edition. Actually more interested at another one,this one.

Sad, the sole is green, so I don't buy it. But imagine when you cross your leg, it's like... WOW. Sure give you triple luck in Casino.

DSC06315 DSC06316
Realize the 'dot' on the 'N'? It's different numbers. First I thought it's the serial number, because this is limited edition. Then after searched online, all are the same... Ha, not big deal actually.

Little metal dices on the side.

So... RM239 gone. Back to Maggie Mee month. HA. This is my first 3 digits shoes in my life.

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