Thursday, December 18, 2008

Second Blood Donation

After the First Blood, this time has more guts to donate blood.

Chosen Thursday after class, me and Hao went to donate blood during MMU 21st Blood Donation Drive. Normal procedure, filling forms, taking blood type test, short questioning session, blood pressure measurement etc. I am blood type O positive, almost everyone can take my blood~

There is something special in this donation session: a small portion of our blood will be provided for the research of prevalence and frequency of Diego blood group, of course with our permission.

I choose the donation seat with right arm rest, so I can donate from right arm. (I am left handed)


seeing the blood flowed in the transparent 'straw', actually won't feel pain. To pull away attention toward the 'straw', my left hand still can sms Lee.

Sad leh... I thought my body weight is 47 something... but the weight at there is 46 only. Damn must be the weight at my home spoiled...

donated 350ml, then waited for Hao. He donated 450ml, slower.

Save a piece of paper~
I requested not to print my donation certificate, 1 piece of paper saved~ (But I took a lot free gift, like Milo packs, Nescafe packs, bread, biscuits, box drinks, hehe~ must show off to the broke ass Bobby I got food~)

Thinking about the impact you can change, it's not really a painful process. Who knows the pack of blood that I donated today will use back on myself, or my loves one?

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yung . said...

I also donated my blood weeks ago, and it feels super good man!! Btw, we have the same blood type.

Snailix said...

Aiyo 2nd blood! Don't feed other heroes la!

All mid all mid! We push and destroy the tower first!

WeN said...

haha~~~i oso O type de wor~~i blood b4 u~~~saw u n hao ming pass by when i donate~~xD~~~

VHanded Cheepeng said...

yung: haha I don't really feel anything different, but I do received a lot comment that people feels great after donated their blood. What feeling actually? mentally or physically? haha. curious.

snailx: dota is poisonous. quit it.

wen: haha, didn't notice you.

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