Friday, December 5, 2008

Microsoft Imagine Cup Road Show

A 3 days road show from Microsoft to promote an upcoming worldwide event, the Microsoft Imagine Cup Competition. Glad to be part of the committee, although very tired leh...~ ha

But for more information, please visit, I don't want to make another round of explanation, already did that for 3 days.

Here just want to share some tools we used to attract crowd to our booth -- XBOX 360, and Guitar Hero Jamming Set! Rock On!

The game we playing is Guitar Hero World Tour, the songs are quite limited, maybe need to purchase separately, but the available songs already enough for us.

360 on the table, and crowd is playing the jamming set.

1 bass + 1 guitar + 1 drum set =  rock! (where is vocal?)

Hao Ming playing guitar/bass.

Maybe the speed is not fast like O2 Jam, but I can only play easy level nicely. (I am generally not a gamer~)

Teressa, Lee, and Bobby in a band~

Ish, in the end, I forgot to take my own photo... sometimes hate to become cameraman...

Next semester will have bigger event from Microsoft, will decide to join or not la.


Out of title:
There is another big events running on, which is DJ Club Carnival. I tried the limbo rock competition, just for fun, and won a scrapbook at level 10 (I think). At night, they informed me I won the lowest limbo rock competition. (.....) really? I not sure, because I can't attend the DJ Night, so not sure the hamper still reserve for me or what. Anyhow, it's just a game~ Seem like my skill still good~

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Snailix said...

yo.. i missed the game ~_~ Didn't got the chance to touch guitaaaaaaaaaar

suern said...

creative way 4 attraction

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