Monday, December 15, 2008

Nuffnang Kakiis Night

Thanks to WL who invited me and VinYee to this event, which is Kakiis gathering, at Sunway Euphoria. Haha, before this, I don't know Euphoria is a clubbing place, from the name, I thought it is a Hi-Fi company or a musical show... noob! Maybe influence by the what Ministry of Sound slogan~ Nevermind, since I am not clubbing kaki~

Euphoria by Ministry of Sound. So surprised saw Su Hao over there. Damn I wore Green Club t shirt... thought you all serious with it, left me alone wore it! Ish!

This is actually a blogger gathering, organized by, a web sharing for friends.

The pub in there.

A 'Kakiis' team challenging table football.

Picking as many tickets as possible in Tornado Chamber. How nice if is money?

Pick labeled stone in ice water with toes and form a sentense of 'Kakiis'.

All these are the station games 'happened' in a club, funny? Me, WL, and VinYee, 3 in a group, need to play these games to win the prizes. Why? Because the prizes are too fabulous! 16GB Pendrives, PSP, Nintendo Wii, etc! Sad we didn't win any prizes... It's ok, Had fun~

Sad is because when we completed the station game, but the food were finished! Damn! Cannot forgive! How come they just served so little food?!

Posting with tall Christmas tree, it's approaching~ happy.


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Em, I am not feeling good now...

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-seokie- said...

hey there chee peng. =) I grabbed that picture, but then if I use it anywhere will credit you ya..thanks so much!

it was nice meeting you. =)

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