Saturday, December 20, 2008

I am Noob

After watched the REAL Slalom Performance from SEBA Team... I am totally noob.

The Inline Slalom Demo was held at One Utama Shopping Complex. Organized by Skateline, they invited the Seba team from France, Singapore, UK etc to give a demo of inline slalom. I saw a lot famous faces like Naomi, Sebastian, Terrence and others.

I am so happy, I met Terrence here~ He is Singapore Slalom pro. Thanks to him, I found my wife~ He is real pro wei!

And SEBAstian(the TALLEST guy at the right)! Oh no I touched his sweaty shirt, don't want to wash my hand for 1 month liao!

I think I need 100 years to be like them.

*Sebastian is the team manager of Seba team, and also a slalom skate designer. I am wearing his product, so excited!

While watching the performance, I feel my legs are lifting with the rhythm. I asked Hao do he feel that, him too! SO eager to try out slalom with them!

There are few types of Inline skate disciplines, but I love slalom. Maybe I feel it is safe. (at least LOOK safer than aggressive and downhill) And the ability to maneuver through the cones with spins and balances are just too cool and elegant.

**thanks to Sue Ern who took the video for me.


After the demo, we went for dinner. At a restaurant with Hong Kong theme, guess. (related with Ah Wong from TVB Drama)

Ordered spaghetti, my favorite. (the drink is not mine, I just hold it for photo only~)

Xuan Hao was very hungry. He ate very fast, and almost the first one to finish his meal. Suddenly, he shouted.


Damn. I want to see your manager.

Since he was very hungry, he requested to fried 1 more plate for him. The rest of us quickly do a brief scan in our meal, haha, find nothing, lucky. But it still use the same wok to cook one... T T


The day I was very HAPPY.

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Snailix said...

I have the same wrist watch as Sebastian's but mine is pirated XD

Gonna 'photochop' myself into the pic when I'm free! lulz lulz lulz

CarrotEgg said...

serious got xiao qiang in the food???

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