Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Wish List

10 more days to Christmas, and it's almost the end of 2008. ha.

Like most people, I am not Christian, or hardcore celebrator, but I also want to have a Christmas wish list. Just skip those camera, oversea trips, or new handphone etc, which no one can give me, and shall wish for something more easily achievable~

....... (10 minutes passed)

I think my life is quite good.

I have food, I have skates, I have a computer, I have friends, I have someone who can make me feel life is meaningful.

Only 1 thing, just wish people can send a SMS to greet me, I will be glad~

**update: OK la, add one more, a Pilot Mechanical pencil 0.7mm, black (current one almost spoiled...sad).

(ha, this is 0.5mm, prefer 0.7mm~)

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and have a better life in coming 2009!


Merry Christmas. To you.

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